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          Company Profile
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          Zhengzhou integrated machinery and equipment Limited access to a number o
          I was the only company "broken the municipal Institute of Mine" by the
          My company and the five Central Asian countries signed: long-term coopera
          May 19 -5 on 21 as a national mourning
          Zhengzhou integrated machinery and equipment Limited held "feeling of Wen
          Dynamic Industry
          China's crushing machine industry a greater chance of major investments
          Mining machinery industry must enhance innovation capability
          Mechanical design and manufacture of 10 categories, such as professional
          Zhengzhou Plate light turnover temporary price stability
          Machinery industry nearly no worries Yuanlv
          Domestic coke demand will enter a new round of steady growth
          Mining machinery and equipment will be high reliability and the developme
          New Products
          Manufactured Sand Processing C
          Basalt Aggregate For Expresswa
          XS Series Sand Washer
          CXFL Series Powder Separator
          Tel: 0371 - 65861991
          Fax: 0371 - 65861211
          Address: Henan Province, Zhengzhou City neighbourhood Jining
          Office Address: Zhengzhou City in Henan Province by the three-way No. 66 Kim Sung-International 1207 - B
          Contact phone: 13607651012
          Contact: Johnny Lam
          Website: http://www.800bracket.com
          E-mail: zz_jichengzhuangbei@126.com
          Zhengzhou integration machinery equipment limited company metallurgy constructing machine subsidiary company all rights reserved
          Company address: Henan Province Zhengzhou Zheng starts off 219 zip codes: 450,007
          Marketing telephone: 0371-66708035 13.939015885 Billion facsimiles: 0371-67611100